If you want to support this project, please donate to one of the great organizations who support our military, veterans and first responders!  We have some great groups listed on our donation page.  Thank you. 

We Completed something AMAZING to honor Ole' Glory and those who have fought to protect us and what she stands for:  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom!

Thanks to the support of Mega Construx(TM) and SO many others we have unofficially broken the Guinness World Record(TM) for the "Largest Image Built Out of Interlocking Plastic Bricks" by creating an American Flag that is 60' x 30' out of Mega Construx(TM) bricks!  (It won't be official until we have approval from Guinness World Record(TM))

If you missed us Memorial Day Weekend 2017 in the Canfield's Plaza (85th & West Center Road) in Omaha, Nebraska, Check out our Photos Page for photos and links to great videos!

Welcome to the "Great American Flag Project"!

The Great American Flag Project