As a veteran, thank you for choosing such a worthy project, our flag is so beautiful. It was an honor to participate in your successful mission. Great job, and take care.

​     Mark D.

We had so much fun helping! It was a great project even with our sore thumbs.  My sister lives in Omaha and heard about your project and told us about it.  We came from Chicago to help and visit with her.  My 8 year old thought it was the coolest thing to be a part of a world record!!

​     The Howards

The Great American Flag Project

We had so many wonderful volunteers and we wanted to share their comments.  Thank you to all who helped us build this amazing Flag!

Thank you for this beautiful way to memorialize Memorial Day.  My boys had a great time and enjoyed talking with you and how the idea started.  We are from Plattsmouth and were actually in the area to visit cemetaries.  When the rain was happening we decided to stop by and see what was going on.  I am glad we got to help.  

We are a family of service.  My husband is a volunteer fireman, and i spend my free time with scouts, sports, school etc.  

Thank you for letting be a part of your special day and helping you achieve your goal.  

​     Keri G.